While all forests produce wood, not all wood is produced sustainably. Sustainably-produced wood means that the forest owners kept their forests healthy, protect clean water and wildlife habitats, and that trees are continually replanted when they harvest or produce that wood. Sustainable wood supplies are produced by owners who care for our forests by ensuring they stay as forests and continue to produce for generations to come.

Creative Futons & Furniture works with manufacturers  who use ecologically grown and harvested timber from government plantations. Indonesia has an official commitment to sustainable management of their national timber resources.

‚ÄčThe Indonesian Legal Wood certification was designed to be a credible, efficient, and fair legality verification system as a contribution to fighting illegal logging. It provides assurance that the traded products with this seal are from legal sources and have been logged, processed and transported legally.

Our manufacturers have this certification.

‚ÄčThinking Globally 


*All frames come with at least a 5 year written warranty


Here at Creative Futons and Furniture Inc. we have the widest range of

solid hardwood Futon Frames in a wide array of sizes that can fit in any room. Add some extra seating to your living room, or turn your home office into a guest room.

All frames available in multiple finishes, at the best prices.

Here is a list of our current collections: